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Water Tank Guys has been in the water tank manufacturing industry for many years to know what the needs and requirements of every type of business or home are thus we are able to advice you accordingly and ensure that you not only get a quality and durable water tank but also get a water tank that suits your needs and requirements. Our water tanks are made from the finest material so as to ensure that they are very durable and serve you for a longer period of time. Another reason as to why you should choose us for your water tank needs is because our tanks and services are not only quality but they are also very affordable.

Water tank repair, cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning your water tanks is very vital especially if the water you store in the water tanks is meant for human consumption. For businesses with very large water tanks, cleaning the tanks without causing any damages to it can be challenging this is why Water Tank Guys offers you cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your water tanks are in good condition and they are clean. We also offer water tank repair services, you can call us on 888-324-5115 for these and many other such services that you might be in need of.

Our work approach

We at Water Tank Guys believe in listening to our customers so as to know what their needs and requirements are so that we can effectively serve them and meet their expectations. All our services are provided with so much integrity and professionalism by our very skilled and experience experts. To serve our clients properly, we believe that we need to create a good working environment for our employees thus we ensure that our employees are not only happy working for us but they also enjoy working in a clean environment. Call us on 888-324-5115 to learn more about our work approach.

When you order Water Tank Guys water tanks and need our installation services, we will come to your premises to install the water tank for you. Water tank installation will be done by our project manager and our installation experts. However, you can also choose to cut costs by using your labor directed by our on-site project manager.


Water Tank Guys believes not only in providing quality services and products but we also believe in providing the services safely. Safety always comes first when installing or constructing your custom water tank. During installation, our experts will carry out the procedure under the supervision of our project manager who will ensure that all the safety measures and precautions are taken to ensure the safety of our employees and that of your property and employees. Prior to embarking on a water tank construction, all our equipments are checked by the experts to ensure that they are in good state so as to avoid any accidents or injuries that might be caused by faulty equipments. Feel free to call us on 888-324-5115 and order for our water tanks or our services.

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