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Customer service

Good custom service is very vital for the success of any business. Without good customer service, a business is not able to know what the customers or clients expect from them thus they are not able to improve their services or products. It is through talking to your customers and clients that you can be able to understand what they need thus serve them better. With this in mind, Water Tank Guys ensures that their customer service is of high quality. We achieve this by hiring skilled customer service experts and taking then through thorough training to ensure that they are ready to serve and listen to our customers.


On-Site water tank Construction

All industries and businesses in Caddo, OK can get on-site water tank construction for large Water Tanks. Our experts will build the tanks onsite. When constructing the on-site Water Tanks for your business or for industries, we put into consideration the fact that you might want to relocate or enlarge the tank thus we create Water Tanks that can be disassembled and relocated to another location. The tanks are also easy to enlarge in case you would want to increase the capacity of water that the tank holds. Water Tank Guys welcomes all the industry and business owners in Caddo, OK to try out our on-site Water Tanks.


Warranty for our products

When you purchase our products, we offer you a transferable warranty for all the products that you purchase from us. This makes it easier for you to sell your house together with the water tank in your home since you can transfer the warranty to the new home owner. It is hard to get a water tank manufacture that offers you a lifetime transferable warranty. This is one of the reasons as to why you should choose our products and services. With a warranty for our products, you can be assured that Water Tank Guys provides only quality products.

Call us on 888-324-5115 to learn more.

Water Tank Guys aims at providing durable Water Tanks so as to help you solve your water storage obstacles and unleash your potential. Whether you are having a project in a remote area, remote mine site or on top of a sky scraper and you need water for your project, Water Tank Guys Water Tanks will be of great help to you. We offer tank and foundation drawings, accurate budget proposals, flexible professional installation, and long service life all of which empowers you to cost-effectively purchase any of our water storage tanks today. We are the solution for your water storage needs. Call us today on 888-324-5115.

Our prices

Our services and products are very affordable to all people in Caddo, OK in all income class. Our Water Tanks are available in different sizes which vary in price. There is therefore something for everyone thus you need to talk to us and we will provide you with the water tank that matches your needs at your set budget. Call us to know of our charges and pricing for our services and products.

Where to get our water tanks

Our Water Tanks are available to all the residents, businesses and industries in Caddo, OK. You can get our tanks directly from us or you can get them from our dealers who are located in different areas in Caddo, OK. Call us on 888-324-5115 to know about our dealer who is near you.

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